Helmut Kallmann Award presented by The Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (CAML)


Helmut Kallmann Award presented by The Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (CAML) The Helmut Kallmann Award is normally presented every two years for distinguished service relating to music libraries, archives and documentation centres, with a focus on music in Canada. Both nominators and nominees may or may not be members of CAML. The Award is named in honour of Dr. Helmut Kallmann, the pioneering Canadian musicologist, who was Chief of the National Library of Canada’s Music Division from its inception in 1970 to 1987 and a cofounder of the Canadian Music Library Association (the predecessor of CAML).


The award is open to librarians, archivists, academics, and others who, over the course of their career, have made outstanding contributions in one or more of the following areas relating to music in Canada:

  • music librarianship or the archival profession
  • the preservation, digitization, and development of music libraries and archives
  • cataloguing and indexing activities that improve access to Canadian resources in all formats
  • musicological and bibliographical research and documentation, including outstanding publications, promotion and dissemination activities

Candidates will be assessed on their achievements at the local, or regional, or national levels. Nominations, normally considered every two years, will be reviewed by an independent committee of three CAML members appointed by the CAML President. The committee will select a single recipient, or none if the nominees do not meet the selection criteria.

Past Recipients 

2012 – Robin Elliott

2009 – Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre

2006 – Kathleen McMorrow

2004 – Elaine Keillor

2002 – Maria Calderisi

2000 – Jane Anne Pearce Baldwin


Nominations should consist of:

  1. a signed statement by the nominator, outlining the achievements of the nominee as they relate to the above criteria
  2. other supporting documentation, including the curriculum vitae of the nominee. Letters of reference may also be appended.
  3. full address and contact information for both the nominator and nominee

Nominations should be submitted via email to the Chair of the Kallmann Award Committee; <a href="mailto:houman.behzadi@utoronto.ca">Houman Behzadi </a>

Nominations will be considered, and a recipient named, by the Helmut Kallmann Award Committee. The Committee normally presents the Award at the closing banquet of the annual CAML conference.