Dear Colleagues,

Each year the SOCAN Foundation and the Canadian University Music Society (MusCan) sponsor two $2500 prizes intended to encourage students’ research and writing on Canadian music topics and music professors’ mentorship of students in these endeavors.

One prize will be for the best English-language paper and one for the best French-language paper. Topics in Canadian music will be understood as potentially deriving from a wide range of genres, including, but not limited to, such areas as concert, folk, jazz, and popular music.

  • The competition is open to anyone who, at the time of submission of the paper, fulfils the following requirements:
  • (i) is registered in an undergraduate or graduate degree program (whether inside or outside Canada);
  • (ii) is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant to Canada;
  • (iii) if a graduate student, is a member of MUSCAN (student membership will be $45 for 2017);
  • (iv) does not yet hold a doctorate and does not hold a full-time teaching position.

Please share the attached calls with your students and colleagues. The deadline for submission is April 28, 2017.


Yours truly,

Joelle Welling

MusCan Past President (2016-18)