Dear CAML Members:I am excited to have been given the opportunity to chair the RILM Canada Committee, and am delighted to have Lisa Emberson continue on as co-chair.

In the past, much of the work of this committee has been supported by volunteers from the CAML membership, and it is for this reason that we write to you.

The RILM Canada Committee is seeking volunteers to abstract the following:

  1. Core Journals (*where an author supplied abstract was not included. All journal content is abstracted.):Les cahiers de la Société Québécoise de Recherche en MusiqueMusiculturesIntersections : Canadian Journal of MusicMusicological ExplorationsStudies in Music from the University of Western OntarioCanadian Journal of Music Therapy/Revue canadienne de musicothérapie
  2. Secondary Journals (*only substantial contributions are abstracted (e.g. reviews of at least 1 page in length, articles, etc.):CAML ReviewCanadian Folk Music BulletinCanadian Music EducatorCanadian Winds: The journal of the Canadian Band Association/Vents canadiens: Revue de l’Association canadienne de l’harmonieMusicworksOpera CanadaRecherche en éducation musicale au Québec
  3. Monographs: The RILM Canada Committee requires a volunteer to take on the responsibilities of coordinating abstracts for French language monographs. This person would select items for RILM and either find volunteers to write the abstracts, solicit author abstracts, or write the abstracts themselves. There is a list of books from the monographs backlog if anyone is interested in performing this task. Approximately ten hours a month plus “current awareness” browsing of MLA Notes, Fontes Recent Publications, and other selection tools would be required.

For information on forms and guidelines for selection and abstracting, contact:

Sean Luyk: 780-492-6779 |

Sean LuykChair, RILM Canada Committee